Our range of products include Biomin Forte (Mineral Mixture), Calcium Milk O Vet and Calphos AD3.

  Biomin Forte

A combination of vitamins, Amino Acids with Lactobacillus & Selenium with Chelated Minerals
To improve Milk Production & Better Fat.
Helps to Improve Digestion & Physical Growth.
To enhance nutrient Utilization.
Helps to faster Recovery after illness & Debility.
To improve the chances of conception for repeat Breeders.
Cow/Buffalo & Horse 100 gm. Per head/day
Calf/Sheep/Goat  & pig 50 gm.per head/day
Lactating cow & Breeding Bull 150 gm. per head /day
Poultry: -1.0 kg/100 kg of feed

Maximum Growth Promoter

Product Details:

We are the leading entity in the industry, highly engaged in offering the best quality range of Maximum Growth Promoter.

Feature :

1.Impaired ruminal function.

2.Appetite Stimulation.

3.Corrects Digestive And liver function.

4.Increase the formation of enzymes for digestion.

5.enhance bacterial and Viral Resistance.

6.Corrects Production of milk.

7.Corrects Production of eggs.

8.Useful as a regular health tonic.

PRETICAL- AD3 GOLD(Vit. A,D3.calcium & phosphorus)


1 time daily
Cow,Buffalo & horse               100 ml
Calf ,Goat,Pig,Sheep & Dog   40 ml
Chicks(For 10 birds)                10 ml
Grower & Broiler (for 100 birds)  20 ml
Layers & Breeders (for 100 birds) 50 ml

  ROZYME POWDER(Animal and poultry feed supplement )

1.Impaired ruminal function.
2.Appetite Stimulation.
3.Corrects digestive & Liver Function .
4. Increase the formation of enzymes for digestion.
5. Enhance bacterial & Viral resistance.
6. Corrects production of milk.
7. Corrects Production of eggs.
8.Useful as a regular health tonic.
Cow/Buffalo & Horse 20-25 gm twice in a day
Calf/sheep & goat 10 gm. twice in a day
Poultry:- 100 gm in 100 kgs feeds

Utrovit Uterine Tonic Herbal Ecbolic with Galactogogues & Antistress Herbs

Product Details:We have reached the pinnacle of success and earned a reputed name by offering high quality range of Utrovit Uterine Tonic.

(Ecbolic & Uterine Tonic )
A powerful Combination of Herbal Extracts
*Induces heat in cows & buffaloes
*Maintains proper & timely involution of uterus
*Helps in timely expulsion of placenta
* Post -partum cleansing of uterus
Cows & Buffalo:- 100 ml twice daily for 3-5 days
Mare:- 50-75 ml Twice daily For 3-5 days
Ewe & Dow :- 20-40 ml twice daily for 3-4 days
In case of retained placenta
give 200 ml & repeated every 3.0 hrs untill the placenta expelled out .


Prevent mastitis
Repair & rejuvenates udder tissues & improve tonocity
Improve stamina
Improves reproductivity  efficiency
Correct uneven quarters & Leaky teats
Heat stress
Improve & maintain milk yield
it is important to use in early chicks for the healthy condition
it is using better growth & performance
Improve hatchability & egg production
cattle    10-20 ml daily
calves    5 ml daily
Poultry(Per 100 Birds)
Chicks     5 ml daily
Growers    7 ml daily
Layers       10 ml daily
Dog & Cat   2-5 ml daily


 (Strongest strength of calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamins, Minerals with Herbs to increase Milk output)
1 time daily
Cow, Bufflow Horse                100 ml
Calf,Goat ,Pig,Sheep & dog   40 ml
Chicks (for 100 birds)            10 ml daily
Grower & Broiler (for 100 birds)   20 ml
Layers & Breeders (for 100 birds)     50 ml

Roliv -DS

A unique combination of liver boosting appetite stimulant Herbs with Silymarine)
Indications for cattle :-
Stimulates the liver functions
As growth promoter in calves ,foals,lambs,kids and piglets .
Protects the animals from anorexia,hepatitis and general debility.
Helps in metabolism of carbohydrate,fat & protein.

Indications for poultry:-
Fighting aflatoxines.
Restoring reduced feed intake .
Improve liver functions.
Better FCR,Govt.Livability & Production .
Helps better utilization of nutrient
Cow, Buffaloes & Horse              40 ml twice daily
Sheep, Goat, Calf, foal & Pig          20-25 ml twice daily
Dog & cat                                     10 ml. thrice daily
For 100 birds
Chicks                       5 ml. daily
Growers                   10 ml. daily
Broilers                     10 ml daily(3-4 weeks)
Layers & Breeders   15 ml. Daily