Prominent & Leading Manufacturer from Saharanpur, we offer Cocci Care Liquid (For Growth & Coccidiosis), Electo C Powder, N Toxi Win Powder (Toxin Binder), Nepro One (Kidney Fresher), RL Lysin Powder (for higher Lysin Activity) and RL Methionine Powder (Herbal source of Methionine).

Cocci Care Liquid (For Growth & Coccidiosis)

Product Details:

Pack Type Container
Packaging Size 5 Litre
Brand Natural Vet Care
Form Liquid

In order to fulfill the various demands of our esteemed clients, we are engaged in providing an optimum quality array of Cocci Care Liquid.

A special formulation for Growth & Coccidiosis
Use in common and server coccidiosis .
Use in entertitis and common intestinal disease
Use in Loose blood dropping
Preventing use in  better growth
Liquid (Per day per 100 birds)
Chicks                                   10 ml
Broiler ,Layer & Grower  20 ml to 25 ml
In Serious condition
Chicks :                      30 ml
Broiler ,Layers          50 ml

Electo C Powder

Product Details:

Suitable For Animal, Poultry Farm
Pack Type Packet
Packaging Size 1 Kilogram
Brand Natural Vet Care
Form Powder

Driven by the vision to achieve significant growth in the industry, we are engaged in providing a wide range of Electo C Powder.

A combination of electrolytes & vitamin-C against  heat stock
Immediately Corrects electrolyte imbalanced resulting from stressful condition restores mineral and fluid loss instantaneously in all species .Promptly controls Dehydration following Diarrhoea high temperature protect from heat stress .
Poultry 100 gms. per quintal of feed or 1 gm per 2 ltr of water or as the advised
by veterinarian .

N Toxi Win Powder (Toxin Binder)

Product Details:

Composition A Mixture of Chemical and Acids
Dosage 50gm per bag of feed
Pack Type Packet
Packaging Size 1kg
Brand Natural Vet Care
Form Powder

We are a unique entity in the industry, actively committed to provide a qualitative range of N Toxi Win Powder.

(A mixture of Chemical & Acids)
50 gm per bag of feed

Nepro One (Kidney Fresher)

(A herbal kidney Tonic)
*Kidney inflammation,Excess water Loss & Kidney Stone
* Nephritis ,Urethritis,Urinary Infection And Disorders
*Fever, Dyspepsia, General Dibility and Urinary Diseases
* Nutrition anemia ,General Dibility And Convalescence
*Wasting diseases ,Loss of appetite and growth


Chicks      : 5-15 ml. /100 birds
Layers & Broilers : 20Ml./100 birds
Breeders    :     30 ml /100 birds
For 10 days or as required

RL Lysin Powder (for higher Lysin Activity)

Product Details:

Dosage Plastic Bag
Packaging Size 10 Kilogram
Brand Natural Vet Care
Packaging Type Packet

We are successfully meeting the requirements of our clients by offering the best quality range of RL Lysin Powder.


RL Methionine Powder (Herbal source of Methionine)

Product Details:

Packaging Size 1kg
Brand Natural Vet Care
Packaging Type Packet

Backed with the huge industry experience and market understanding, we are involved in providing a wide variety of RL Methionine Powder for our valued patrons.

Feature: A Herbal Source of Methionine

Roliv (NVC) Powder

Product Details:

Packaging Size 10 kg
Brand Natural Vet Care
Form Powder
Packaging Type Plastic Bag

Backed by rich industry experiences; we are highly engaged in offering a premium quality range of Roliv Powder .

Sel E Care Powder (Vit.E with Selenium)

Product Details:

Advantage Increase production hatchability weight gain
Pack Type Packet
Packaging Size 200gm
Brand Natural Vet Care
Form Powder

To cater the variegated demands of our clients, we are highly engrossed in offering a wide range of Sel E Care Powder.

Sel- E- Care

(Vitamin E 10% with selenium)
Advantages :-
Increasing Production
Hatchability weight gain

Dosage :

1 time Daily (for 100 Birds)

Chicks - 1.25gm

Grower and Broiler - 5gm



C Plex B12 Vitamin Liquid (B.Complex)

Product Details: C Plex B Vitamin Liquid.

( A special mixture of B-complex & Vitamin C)
* It is useful in Anemia ,Muscles weakness ,Diarrhia ,Heat stroke and stress.
* In Layer it improve the egg production .
* Improve FCR weight gain and maintain egg production .
* Protect From C.R.D ,E-coli and salmonella infection .
*Prevent early chick mortality
Liquid (Per day per 100 birds)
Chicks                      10-15 ml.
Growers                   15-20 ml.
Layers /Broilers      15-20 ml.
Cattle                         20 ml.


Eco Care Liquid (Acidifier)

Product Details:

Packaging Size 1 Ltr
Brand Natural Vet Care
Packaging Type Bottle

Backed by rich industry experience, we are engaged in providing a premium quality range of Eco-Care Liquid.

(A mixture of chemical & Acids)
Toxin Binder and neutrializer for effective control of mycotoxins
Per 100 birds
Chicks    -5 ml in to water
Broiler   -10 ml in to water
Layer     -10 ml in to water

Respiro Care Tonic (For Cough Syrup)

Product Details:

Brand Natural Vet Care
Pack Size 1 Litre,5 Litre
Packaging Type Plastic Can, Bottle

We are actively engaged in offering an extensive range of Respiro Care Tonic for catering to the diversified requirements of our clients.

(Herbal Feed additive for Cough ,Coryza & Respiratory Problems)
Mucolytic ,Soothes Respiratory Bronchodilater ,Expectorent Anti Inflammatory & Decongestant Facilities easy breathing with optimum oxygen uptake .
Chicks            : 10 ml /100 birds
Broilers          : 20 ml / 100 birds

Roconil Respiratory Liquid

Product Details:

Packaging Size 1.0 ltr,5.0 Ltr
Brand Natural Vet Care
Form Liquid
Packaging Type Plastic Can
Usage Poultry Farm

With the aid of our experienced team, we are devoted to providing an exquisite range of Roconil Respiratory Liquid.

(A unique Herbal Formula for Respiratory Tract Infections)

Use full in all respiratory tract infections
Helps to increase Oxygen carrying capacity of lungs
Use full in CRD Influenza
Liquid(Per day per 100 birds)
Chicks :                7 ml
Growers:              10 ml
Layer/Broilers:   20 ml
Cattle :                   15 ml

Furozyme Powder

Product Details:

Furozyme Powder:-



( A  Unique Growth Promoter)
*Improve better  Growth & better performance in broilers
*In layer it improve egg production and protein efficiency in legal condition
Chicks   :                    5 ml
Layers   :                    15-20 ml
Dog        :                    5ml
Growers/Broilers :  10 ml
Cattle                      :   20 ml.